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What to Do About Ants in Your Sod


Mounds of anthills aren't attractive. If your sod has become infested with ants, you may need to consider laying down some new sod. However, ants aren't necessarily a big problem. Here's what you need to know about ants and sod so you can take care of your landscaping.

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Is Your Sod Vulnerable to Chinch Bugs?


Unfortunately, humans aren't the only creatures that love a big lawn. Chinch bugs are small insects that make their homes in certain strains of turfgrass. Their colonies not only eat away at healthy sod, but they also produce a noxious odor when disturbed. They are particularly common in dry areas, but there are a number of factors that cause population booms. These are five things you can do to prevent a chinch bug infestation, as well as how to fight back.

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