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Is Your Sod Vulnerable to Chinch Bugs?


Unfortunately, humans aren't the only creatures that love a big lawn. Chinch bugs are small insects that make their homes in certain strains of turfgrass. Their colonies not only eat away at healthy sod, but they also produce a noxious odor when disturbed. They are particularly common in dry areas, but there are a number of factors that cause population booms. These are five things you can do to prevent a chinch bug infestation, as well as how to fight back.

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The Tools To Purchase To Keep Your New Lawn Immaculate


A couple of months after installation it is no longer necessary to worry about sod care. At this point, it will have rooted and become a fully-established lawn. Numerous tools help to maintain this precious investment properly. Here is what everyone should own in order to care for their lush new lawn. 

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