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Turf Masters Sod Farm

Pro's and Con's

  • Mowing Height: 1”- 2”
  • Watering 1” – 1 ¼” per day
  • Mowing frequency (3 to 7 days) during peak growing months.
  • Optimum soil PH (6.5)
  • Dethatch or verticut every third or fourth year.


  • Grows very rapidly / can take traffic
  • Loves nitrogen fertilization
  • Requires full sun
  • Repairs itself quickly
  • Can take cold weather
  • Same price as centipede


  • Requires full sun / ZERO PERCENT shade tolerance at all
  • Army worms are a constant battle / eat new grass quickly
  • Requires mowing 2-3 times during peak growing season
  • Very weedy by nature due to texture of grass, weeds are able to germinate very easily
  • Needs constant chemical work to keep weeds out / very high chemical bills
  • Requires more water than any turf grass , which means very high water bills
  • Most homeowners do not like it due to the overwhelming cost to maintain
  • Over last few years there has been a shortage of availability and this trend will continue this coming year due to market moving away from centipede.

Turf Masters Sod Farm


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